2014 IAEE Best Student Paper Competition


Thomas Drennen, Prof., Economics and Environmental Studies (Chair), Hobart and William Smith College (Geneva, NY) with finalists of the 2014 IAEE Best Student Paper Competition: [from left] Sara Fogelberg (co-author with Ewa Lazarczyk Carlson, who was unable to attend due to illness); Dan Werner (winner); Jacquelyn Pless and Phillip M. Richter during the IAEE International Conference in New York City.


IAEE’s New York City Best Student Paper Award Program was open to full-time student members of IAEE who have not previously won a prize at an IAEE affiliated conference. The paper must be original work completed by the student.  Papers may be co-authored by fellow students, however, co-authorship by a faculty member or non-student is not permitted.  The application process was otherwise the same as for presentations during the general concurrent sessions of the conference. Eighteen papers were proposed for the Student Best Paper Award. They were reviewed by a select group of reviewers who selected four for competitive presentation during a special session during the 2014 IAEE International Conference in New York City. (The four finalists were given waivers of their conference registration fees.)  A top prize of $1000 was awarded to the best paper in energy economics and prizes of $500 were given to each of the three runners-up. 


Best Student Paper Award

Dan Werner, University of Maryland (College Park, MD)

 “Electricity Market Price Volatility: The Importance of Ramping Costs” *



“Strategic Withholding Through Production Failures” 


“From Boom to Bust? A Critical Look at U.S. Shale Gas Projections”


“Bribes, Bureaucracies and Blackouts: Towards Understanding How Corruption Impacts the Quality of Electricity Supply to End Users in Transition and Developing Economies.”


 * A Summary of Mr. Werner's paper is included in the section, "Summaries of Selected Concurrent Sessions Presentations", below.

Full papers for each of the finalists may be found on the Conference web-site at http://www.usaee.org/usaee2014/program_concurrent.aspx#1.