From the Editor


Robert Eric Borgström
Advisor on Energy Regulatory Policy and Management
Washington, DC

Thank You!

With this last issue of USAEE Dialogue, USAEE is moving on to Dialogues, a coordinated program offering members access to more timely and flexible media platforms for communicating information about research, work experiences and energy economics' issues.  In her article in this issue, Maureen Lorenzetti, USAEE Vice-President, Communications, has outlined these platforms and how they may be used. Further information will be forthcoming, but in the interim, "USAEE Social Media Guidelines" may be found at: https://www.usaee.org/pdf/USAEE_SM_Guidelines.pdfAs was the case with our on-line newsletter, the content of materials to be shared via Dialogues is entirely dependent upon member contributions and I encourage all members to take advantage of these new opportunities to create and develop the interactive networks that are an important benefit of our membership in USAEE/IAEE.  

In closing let me thank those of you who, by your interesting and valued contributions to USAEE Dialogue, made my tenure as editor over these past five years an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It was a pleasure working with each of you!  Lastly, I would be remiss not to thank Rebecca Lilley, our "publisher," without whose technical skill, patience, and good humor, USAEE Dialogue would not have existed on-line; and David Williams, our Executive Director, for his unfailing support of my efforts as editor on your behalf.

With very best wishes to all, I look forward to seeing you at future USAEE/IAEE events as well as on line!









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