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An important benefit of your USAEE membership is the opportunity of participating in a variety of IAEE-sanctioned conferences in interesting venues around the world.  




 4th IAEE Asian Conference

"Energy Economics: New Challenges and Solutions"

Beijing, China - September 18-21, 2014

The 4th IAEE Asian Conference in Session in the Auditorium of the Chinese Academy of Science.

IAEE/USAEE Leadership in attendance at the 4th IAEE Asian Conference

[from left] Ronald Ripple (Prof., University of Tulsa); Ying Fan, (Conference Chair and Prof., Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing), Gürkan Kumbaroglu (Prof., Bogazici University, Istanbul); Omowumi Illidare (President, IAEE; and Prof., Emerald Energy Institute, Port Harcourt, Nigeria); John Jimison (General Counsel, IAEE/USAEE; and Managing Director, Energy Future Coalition, McLean, VA); Peter Hartley (Prof., Rice University, Houston, TX); Michael Canes (President, USAEE; and Distinguished Fellow, Logistics Management Institute, McLean, VA); Anthony Owen (Prof., National University of Singapore); James Smith (Prof., Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX); and David Williams (Executive Director, IAEE/USAEE, Cleveland, OH).

Several members of USAEE packed their bags and traveled to Beijing, China, to join the 322 colleagues from 28 countries and regions who attended the 4th Annual Asian Conference of the IAEE, which took place from September 18 to 21, 2014.

Conference chair Professor Ying Fan (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and her committee went to great lengths to make their foreign visitors feel at home.  At the conference, Ronald Ripple (University of Tulsa), Michael Canes (Logistics Management Institute) and John Jimison (Energy Future Coalition) were invited to participate in a panel dedicated to discussion of a new crude oil futures contract that will be offered by the Shanghai Futures Exchange; and  John Felmy (API) addressed a plenary session on Traditional and Unconventional Energy.  Rimvydas Baltaduonis (Gettysburg College); Michael Delgado (Purdue University); Peter Hartley (Rice University); James Smith (Southern Methodist University); and Roman Zytek (International Monetary Fund) participated in concurrent sessions. 

The conference also featured two very fine technical tours, one to a solar thermal power generation plant and another to see some clean energy projects including a smart energy network and an underground coal gasification project. The first Technical Tour was a day tour of the Yanqing County Solar Thermal Power Generating Experiment. The plant is located in the rural hills just north of Beijing, near the Great Wall. The plant is impressive. There is a field of panels that reflect and focus the sunlight into a metal-lined window at the top of the heating tower. From the ground, one can see the rays of sunlight being reflected up towards the tower. Inside, oil is heated and circulated to generate steam, and ultimately electricity. The reflection panels automatically move to maintain reflection of the sun throughout the day, and plant is able to store heat to continue generating electricity on cool and overcast days. The tour ended with lunch at the North China Electricity and Power University.  A general impression is that this plant is a success, particularly because of the way that it first heats oil to more efficiently retain heat, and also because the oil never needs to be changed. Its exciting to think about the potential to expand this technology into a larger, more practical, scale that might allow relatively large areas to use this technology for energy.

Beijing is one of the world’s great capitals, and there was much to see and do there in addition to the Conference.  These include Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Emperor’s Summer Palace and the National Museum of China.  Beijing also offered delegates a wide variety of entertainment and shopping, plus excellent choices in food.  Some of the U.S. delegates used the Beijing conference as a springboard to see more of China, either prior to or after the conference.  Safe to say, USAEE attendees had a great time at the conference and enjoyed the opportunity to see one of the world’s most interesting areas first hand.  


Contributors Michael Canes and Michael Delgado.

Additional photos from the event may be found at the conference web-site: iaeeasia.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/70063