Dialogue Disclaimer

USAEE is a 501(c)(6) corporation and neither takes any position on
any political issue nor endorses any candidates, parties, or public policy
proposals. USAEE officers, staff, and members may not represent that
any policy position is supported by the USAEE nor claim to represent the
USAEE in advocating any political objective. However, issues involving
energy policy inherently involve questions of energy economics. Economic
analysis of energy topics provides critical input to energy policy decisions.
USAEE encourages its members to consider and explore the policy
implications of their work as a means of maximizing the value of their
work. USAEE is therefore pleased to offer its members a neutral and
wholly non-partisan forum in its conferences and web-sites for its
members to analyze such policy implications and to engage in dialogue
about them, including advocacy by members of certain policies or
positions, provided that such members do so with full respect of USAEE's
need to maintain its own strict political neutrality. Any policy endorsed or
advocated in any USAEE conference, document, publication, or web-site
posting should therefore be understood to be the position of its individual
author or authors, and not that of the USAEE nor its members as a group.
Authors are requested to include in an speech or writing advocating a
policy position a statement that it represents the author's own views and
not necessarily those of the USAEE or any other members. Any member
who willfully violates the USAEE's political neutrality may be censured or
removed from membership.

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Volume 24, Number 3 - 2016