From the Conference Program Chair

Roger Marks
Principal, Roger Marks & Associates
(Anchorage, AK)


Three years ago, when the Anchorage chapter of the USAEE (the Anchorage Association for Energy Economics) first envisioned hosting the annual USAEE North American Conference, we had several goals. We wanted to bring to the local community the international resources of the Association to discuss issues germane to Alaska, as well as the rest of the world. We believed that an event focused on Arctic themes would attract experts from other Arctic nations. And we conceived Association members would be enriched by the opportunity to visit Alaska.  It appears that we met those goals. A total of 273 delegates attended from 25 states and 22 countries. This included 57 students and 107 newcomers. About 75% of the delegates were from outside Alaska.

The 8 plenary and 29 concurrent sessions, as well as the keynote addresses covered in great detail issues that had not been approached in depth previously. These included energy development in the Arctic, Arctic transport, fiscal systems, managing resource wealth, the history of oil development in Alaska, and the relationship of industry and government.       

The technical trips to the North Slope, the Valdez Marine terminal, the Anchorage biomass project, and the new state of the art power plant, were all well-attended and engaging.

As conference program chair I would like to extend my appreciation to countless hours of work by the program committee, particularly Lori Schell as General Conference Chair, Fred Joutz as Vice President for Conferences, Nick Syzmoniak and Ken Medlock as Plenary Co-Coordinators, Matt

Berman and Mina Dioun as Concurrent Co-Chairs, John Holding as Poster Chair, Eric Hittinger as Case Competition Chair, Greg McDuffie as Technical Tour Coordinator, Joyce Lofgren for Networking Dinners Coordinator, Karl Nalepa as Sponsorship Co-Chair, and Burcu Cigerli as Student Coordinator.

I would also like to thank all the plenary chairs who organized their sessions. 

A very special appreciation to David Williams, who continues to assure that everything comes together successfully and on-schedule .

The conference would not have been possible without the generous financial support of our sponsors.

Particular appreciation goes to the entities that sponsored the technical trips, including ConocoPhillips, the American Petroleum Institute, the Alyeska Pipeline Company, Anchorage Municipal Light & Power, and the Anchorage Department of Solid Waste Services.

Finally, everyone realized at the onset of the proposal that Anchorage, being where it was, presented a certain risk to the Association as a venue. I would like to thank the Association for taking that risk. I believe it paid off.