From the Vice President-Communications, USAEE

Expanding the Dialogue Conversation

Maureen Lorenzetti
Communications Advisor for the
Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer,
World Bank Group
Washington, DC


As our recent membership renewal notice reminds us, there are many reasons why you should be part of the USAEE family.  To me the most important reason is that we welcome a wide variety of voices across industry, non-profit and academic communities – yet even with these different perspectives we are united by a shared devotion toward helping make energy economics more accessible to all.

In this spirit we provide forums to exchange ideas for not simply economists but also students, journalists, teachers, business people, retirees, lobbyists, and public servants. Some of the ways we connect are through national conferences, such as the one we will be holding in Tulsa next month, other ways we promote the development and education of energy economics are through networking events across our local chapters.  But perhaps one of the most direct ways we reach out to members is through our official on-line newsletter dialogue.

For 24 years Dialogue has been our official newsletter, appearing first in print and then more recently through email as well as being accessible on our website. To fully honor the USAEE mission Dialogue has always been available to the public so anyone with an interest in energy economics can benefit from its content. This typically has come from the members themselves who share short articles on recent research in the field or highlights of various events sponsored by the association or its local chapters.

To keep delivering the value you expect as a USAEE member it’s important we are responsive and stay connected to you in the most efficient and convenient way possible. This means we conduct surveys on a regular basis on what is important to you including asking your opinion on Dialogue. What we have learned this past year is that while there are some that still enjoy paper copies of this publication as well as the current email version most of you would like a more interactive web-based platform that allows more flexibility with deadlines and content. 

With this in mind your council this summer approved a new website design for across the organization including a new landing page for Dialogue.  This new design will give you the opportunity to check for information on a real-time basis as well as let Dialogue contributors more easily cross promote material via the USAEE social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) as well as from their own accounts. Moving to an interactive web platform also gives members a more convenient and timely way to comment on articles which in turn helps encourage more topical content.

Beginning in September, watch for this new format.  On the USAEE website you will see a link to USAEE Dialogues. Note the plural re-branding to reflect that we are expanding beyond a newsletter to allow for a wide variety of conversations across available platforms.  This will include the historical content intended to share research and case studies, timely commentary on current energy economics’ issues as well as information about local and other USAEE related events.

We encourage all members to be part of the USAEE conversation and help us expand the reach of Dialogues.  For further information on submitting an article or posting information of interest please contact Dave Williams at usaee.usaee.org.  Also for reference on our social media editorial guidelines please check out our web page at https://www.usaee.org/pdf/USAEE_SM_Guidelines.pdf

Finally, the USAEE Council extends its appreciation to Bob Borgström for his years of support as Dialogue editor.  We have been very lucky to count Bob as both an active USAEE member as well as insightful wordsmith who has had the patience and vision to shepherd our signature publication into the digital age.   I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Bob in my role as Communications VP and look forward to benefitting from his experience in the years to come in other capacities.  

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