From the Editor

Robert Eric Borgström
Advisor on Energy Regulatory Policy & Management
(Washington, DC)
Dear Colleagues,
In this issue of USAEE Dialogue we’re pleased to present the following articles:

While it’s with sincere appreciation that I thank our colleagues for these interesting contributions to USAEE Dialogue, it’s with some disappointment that these inputs represent only a very small fraction of the information and commentary that our membership, which is involved in virtually every field and aspect of energy economics, could be sharing via our on-line publication. The content of USAEE Dialogue is entirely dependent upon member contributions and, as editor, I am working with Maureen Lorenzetti, USAEE Vice President-Communications, to explore ways of increasing member participation in USAEE Dialogue.  Earlier this year we circulated a readership survey and received interesting and thought-provoking comments that we are taking on-board with improvements to USAEE Dialogue to be implemented in forthcoming issues.

An immediate change responds to our recognition that preparing full-length articles is a time consuming process. While articles in the range of 2,000 - 4,000 words will continue to be welcome, members are also invited to submit shorter articles (500 - 1,000 words) on research, case studies or aspects thereof. These shorter articles may also be summaries of presentations made by the contributing member at recent USAEE conferences and events. It is hoped that this new format will encourage more members to share their thoughts and experiences in forthcoming issues of USAEE Dialogue.

In addition to articles on research and case studies, we are also welcoming reports of local chapter events, by chapter presidents or their designees (500 - 1,000 words with photos of the event); and comments by members on current energy economics’ issues of interest to the general membership. (<500 words). The deadline for all inputs to our next issue (Sept. 2015) is July 31, 2015. Members interested in proposing articles, reports or comments for that issue should contact me at robertborgstrom2@gmail.com well in advance of thet deadline for further information and guidelines for the preparation and submission of manuscripts.  I look forward to receiving your expressions of interest as well as your suggestions for the continuing improvement of USAEE Dialogue.

Best to all,