From the President, USAEE

Michael Canes
Distinguished Fellow
Logistics Management Institute
McLean, VA

It’s a great privilege to become the President of the U.S. Association for Energy Economics, and I look forward to building on what others before me have accomplished. I particularly want to thank outgoing President Lori Schell, who worked long and hard on behalf of the Association to strengthen all that it does. 

An incoming President of the Association has a great opportunity to understand its activities because he or she heads up USAEE’s Strategic Planning Group in the immediately preceding year.  The Association’s Strategic Plan is routinely updated annually to keep abreast of ongoing developments and to map out new strategic initiatives.

This past year, we added two new Vice Presidencies and two new committees to the Association’s governing structure.  The new Government Committee and Business Committee are intended to focus on the government and business segments of our membership, and specifically to look for ways to strengthen USAEE’s offerings to them.  My thanks go to Karen Palmer of the Brookings Institution (Vice President for Government) and to Shree Vikas of Conoco-Phillips (Vice President for Business), who have agreed to lead those efforts.

This is not to say that we are ignoring our offerings to the academic membership of USAEE, both students and faculty.  I’m fully cognizant of the value these members bring to USAEE, and the contributions they make.  One new initiative this year will take place at the IAEE International Conference, which will be hosted by USAEE in New York City between June 15 and 18.  We will have a student mentoring session the evening of June 15 for which mentors already are being lined up.  A number of students have asked for such a session, so we will offer it and see how it goes.  We also are continuing our various student paper and case study competitions, which have proven highly successful in the past.

This issue of USAEE Dialogue advises that there will be lots to do at the 2014 annual conference and lots of members from around the world to meet. Full details can be found on the conference website at www.usaee.org/usaee2014/.   I hope that you will make plans now to attend and to participate. 

Finally, I look forward to hearing from USAEE members regarding services they would like to see as well as things they don’t much care for.  Both USAEE’s Council leadership and Dave Williams, the Executive Director, want to do whatever we can to make your Association membership valuable to you in every way.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Michael Canes