Some Excellent Reasons for Attending


Andre Barbe
PhD Candidate (Economics)
Rice University
Houston, TX

"I attend the USAEE/IAEE conferences because of the opportunities they provide for students like me to present our research. No other conferences I have attended does as much to include students. In addition to the regular sessions at the NYC conference, there is a poster session, student paper awards, case competition, and PhD session. If you are a student doing work in energy economics, then you should definitely attend."



Mark Finley
General Manager
Global Energy Markets
BP America, Inc.
Washington, DC
"The IAEE is the pre-eminent group for global professionals interested in energy economics.  I have always found the annual conference to be a great opportunity for learning new things, making new friends, and renewing longstanding relationships.  The mix of professionals from academia, government, and industry is a unique source of cross-fertilization.  I also value the opportunity to meet the local energy community in different cities from year-to-year, and to get to know the students who will carry this organization—and our profession—into the future!"


Peter Hartley
Professor & Baker Institute Scholar
Rice University
Houston, TX


"IAEE/USAEE Conferences are a great way to keep abreast of the latest research in energy economics. No other forum provides a better overview of the energy issues currently being researched by industry professionals, academics and doctoral students from around the world. Researchers and students will also hear about methodological developments that can assist them in their own research. At the same time, a special feature of IAEE conferences is that they provide an opportunity to hear leading industry specialists and well-known authorities speak about the critical energy industry issues exercising governments and firms. These practical and policy-oriented discussions can lead to new research projects since the questions raised often are beyond the scope of current research. Research that addresses current concerns also tends to have greater impact. You will also enjoy catching up with old friends while also meeting new people from the most influential government, corporate and academic energy decision-making institutions in the world."


Gal Hochman
Associate Professor
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
New Brunswick, NJ

"When Robert Borgstrom asked me to write about the International Association for 
Energy Economics meetings, what I like about them and how I benefit from them, I was unsure of what to write. Should I explain how networking and meeting colleagues andenergy experts benefits novice as well as established scholars and practitioners, and how these connections help me foster a successful career? Or should I perhaps emphasis how much I have learned from these meetings? I teach both energy economics and environmental economics, and I try to expose my students to the numerous facets these important topics encompass. Much of this knowledge comes from these meetings. I decided, however, to focus on something else.

"I decided to talk about the interdisciplinary approach to energy that these meetings foster, and about the openness to new and sometimes controversial ideas presented. The sessions focus on key topics in energy and try to be as broad as possible, offering a stage to present work in real time and promoting interdisciplinary discussions. The themes change from year to year and enhance our understanding of frontier problems and research in energy. While most of the sessions start off with numbers (it is after all an applied field…), theory is not frowned upon and its predictions are discussed and assessed. The meetings do not stop with presentations; the Association also organizes trips that have to do with the meeting’s theme and broaden the participants' understanding of the energy field. In summary, I find these meetings very valuable and I am looking forward to this summer’s meetings in New York City."



Omowumi Iledare
Professor & Director
LSU Center for Energy Studies
Baton Rouge, LA


"The 2014 IAEE international Conference taking place in New York will attract some of the best petroleum and energy economics professionals from all over the world. it would indeed be a great pleasure to welcome all energy professionals from the academia, government institutions, and industries/business to New York on June 15-18. 

"Over the years, specifically since the 1980s when I was a graduate student at West Virginia University, I have always looked forward to attending IAEE conferences with the great privilege of meeting energy professionals.  Discussions of critical energy policy issues and problems, energy market issues and dynamics, and energy industry strategic options at IAEE conferences facilitated my good understanding of the role of petroleum and energy in the global economic and environmental landscape. I do not expect anything less at the New York conference.

"Thus, I sincerely invite you, with a warm heart, to take ownership of IAEE. Let us make attending IAEE conferences a part of our professional career development.  It is a worthy investment and a rewarding experience for all of us, and especially for me, by every measure. Therefore, let us meet in New York in June 2014 and I wish us all a safe voyage to the 'Big Apple'."