USAEE Student Support Fund Acknowledgement

USAEE is grateful to the following organizations, universities and individuals for their contribution to the USAEE Student Support Fund.

Acknowledgement is given to the following for their contribution from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014:


Central Texas Association for Energy Economics




Maguire Energy Institute, Southern Methodist Univ.

Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business

Southern Methodist University, Maguire Energy Institute

University of California, Transportation Center


Charles Bamford

Leonard Coburn

Michelle Foss

Mark Foster

Robert Fullen

Kenneth Grant

Peter Hartley

David Hunger

James Jensen

Gregory Kline

Peter Kobos

Steven Larson

Edward Morse

Shirley Neff

Gregory Nemet

Greg Nothstein

Julia Popova

Ben Schlesinger

Julian Silk

Nadejda Victor

Shree Vikas

Tobey Winters

The USAEE Student Support Fund supports student participation in energy economics and in USAEE by providing scholarships covering conference registration fees, cash awards for exceptional papers entered in USAEE's best paper competition, USAEE’s Case Competition program or other student related funding as determined by USAEE Council.


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