Student Poster Competition


Winner, Monday Poster Session

Xiaohu ("Tiger") Luo

Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) &
Joint Program on the Science & Policy of Global Change, MIT (Cambridge, MA)


“How Might Interprovincial Migration Affect the Impact of China’s Energy Policies?”


Winner, Tuesday Poster Session

Laura-Lucia Richter

University of Cambridge (UK)


 “Social Effects in the Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in the UK”


Organizer of the Student Poster Competition
John Holding, Independent Practitioner,
IAEE/BIEE (East Sussex, UK)

This IAEE International Conference took on a new and significant challenge in offering an interactive poster session where students were able to present their recent academic work, completed or in progress, to all conference delegates in two specially designed networking sessions held simultaneously with the lunch breaks on Monday and Tuesday, June 16 & 17. Posters and the presentations were judged using previously stipulated criteria by an independent panel of energy professionals and cash prizes of $1000 were awarded to the students with the best poster presentation on each day.

Drivers for this event were threefold: (1) to provide a forum for more of our student members to interrelate with conference delegates in addition to the traditional concurrent session paper presentation format, (2) to give students a "real world" opportunity to present their work concisely and to stand up in front of a critical audience and respond to probing questions from at least three judges, and (3) to enhance conference delegates' experience by offering a new dimension to the proceedings concurrent with the buffet lunch networking setting.

Whilst poster events have taken place in previous IAEE conferences this one was unique because of its dynamic nature and because participants were all post-grad students confronted, not with a viva voce style of defence of their thesis, but with transposing the key elements of their work onto a single poster and explaining it in a succinct manner to a diverse audience. This concept followed from recent USAEE North American Conferences (Washington DC in 2011, Austin TX in 2012 and Anchorage AK in 2013) where the style had been used successfully.

In New York City a total of 56 students had been accepted to present a poster back in February, however, by the time of the conference this number had dwindled (as has been the previous experience) to 32 students spread over two days: 14 posters on the Monday and 18 on the Tuesday. A panel of 25 judges from across academia, industry, government and consultancy quizzed the students on Monday and 27 did so on the Tuesday. Due deliberation on the declared criteria of Originality, Presentation and Q&A, Alignment with the conference theme and the Visual Quality of the poster allowed judges to score all posters resulting in two winners of $1000 plus certificates of award.