12th IAEE/USAEE Session at ASSA Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia – January 3, 2010

10:15am, January 3, Hilton Atlanta, Room 208


“Energy Security for Renewables and Non-renewables”

PresidingMine Yucel, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Gail Cohen, US Congress Joint Economic Committee, Frederick Joutz, George Washington University, and Prakash Loungani, International Monetary Fund –  The Determinants of Energy Vulnerability and Security:  An Empirical Analysis


Stephen P.A. Brown, Resources for the Future and Hillard G. Huntington, Energy Modeling Forum, Stanford UniversityReassessing the Oil Security Premium


Christian Winzer, Karsten Neuhoff, and Daniel Ralph, University of CambridgeMeasuring Security of Supply


Kevin F. Forbes, Catholic University of American, Marco Stampini, African Development Bank, and Ernest M. Zampelli, Catholic University of AmericaDo Higher Wind Power Penetration Levels Pose a Challenge to Electric Power Security?:  Evidence from the ERCOT Power Grid in Texas

Discussants:   Andre Plourde, University of Alberta

Ken Medlock, Rice University

Xiaoyi Mu, University of Dundee

Wumi Iledare, Louisiana State University


Abstracts are posted at http://www.iaee.org/documents/2010/assa_cfp.pdf


The meeting is part of the Allied Social Science Association meetings (ASSA).

For complete program information please visit http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AEA/Annual_Meeting/index.htm


Also, please watch for the IAEE/USAEE Cocktail Party.

Do You Want to Start Your Own USAEE Chapter

The requirements for starting a USAEE Chapter are straightforward – a viable group forms to create a Chapter and have organized to the point of adopting a set of bylaws as well as have elected a group of officers.  A sample set of bylaws may be found by visiting http://www.usaee.org/startchapter.html or calling USAEE Headquarters at 216-464-2785.  USAEE dues are $100.00 per person, per year for a subscription to The USAEE Dialogue, The Energy Journal and IAEE Energy Forum.  Student membership is $40.00.  USAEE bills members directly for their membership in the Association.  Chapter membership must be open to all individuals whose interest is in the field of energy economics.  If you have any further questions regarding the establishment of a USAEE Chapter, please do not hesitate to contact USAEE Headquarters, phone:  216-464-2785; email:  usaee@usaee.org   A complete Chapter start-up kit can be mailed to you.


Calgary Student Best Paper Award Guidelines

Dennis J. O’Brien USAEE/IAEE Best Student Paper Award


USAEE and IAEE are pleased to continue the Dennis J. O’Brien USAEE/IAEE Student Paper Award program for student papers on energy economics.




Up to 10 Student Paper Awards may be given, each consisting of a $500 cash prize plus a waiver of conference registration fees (a value of $300) for the 29th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference, October 14-16, 2010.


Four of these award recipients will also be invited to present their papers at the Best Student Paper Competition on the first day of the conference. These four students will receive an additional $250 cash prize, for a total of $750. A panel of judges at the student paper session will select one of the four papers to receive the Best Student Paper Award.


The winner of the Best Student Paper Award will receive a further $250 cash prize, for a total of $1,000. An award ceremony later in the conference will recognize all recipients of a Student Paper Award.


Application Guidelines


To be eligible for consideration, the applicant must

  • be a full-time student as of the application deadline (or have completed degree within the past 12 months and not be employed full-time);

  • be a member of IAEE in good standing. Membership information may be found at https://www.iaee.org/en/membership/application.aspx


The paper must

  • be original work completed by the student;

  • not be co-authored by a faculty member or other non-student (papers co-authored by students are ok).


Application materials consist of

  • Paper abstract (may be same as abstract submitted to conference, in case one has been submitted);

  • Paper – double-spaced; 8.5 by 11 inch page setup; 30 pages maximum (any paper that exceeds the page limitation will be subject to disqualification);

  • Letter from applicant stating that applicant meets qualifications listed above (include photocopy of student ID);

  • Letter from applicant’s advisor or another faculty member familiar with applicant’s research confirming that paper meets qualifications listed above and recommending it for consideration.


The application deadline is July 8, 2010. Please submit all materials electronically in pdf format to usaee@usaee.org, with “Submission for Best Student Paper Award” in the subject line.


Application logistics


  • The application deadline is July 8, 2010. Please email all materials in pdf format to usaee@usaee.org with "Submission for Student Paper Award" in the subject line.

  • You will be notified by August 5, 2010 regarding whether your paper has won a Student Paper Award and whether your paper is entered in the Best Student Paper Award Competition. In either case you must attend the conference to receive the award. Travel and accommodation costs associated with attending the conference are your responsibility.

  • If you are interested in presenting your paper at the conference even if you are not an award winner, you must also follow the regular paper submission procedures, submitting an abstract by the deadline May 21, 2010.


For further questions regarding the USAEE/IAEE Student Paper Award, please contact David Williams at usaee@usaee.org




Dennis J. O’Brien co-founded the US Association of Energy Economics as a chapter of the IAEE in the early 1990s. From 1994-95, he was President of the US chapter. In 1997, he was elected President of the International Association. Those who knew him remember him as being very dedicated to helping students and energy economists in the early stages of their career. He passed away in 2005 on his return from an IAEE Conference.


Careers and Energy Education Online Databases

We are pleased to highlight the online careers database, with special focus on graduate positions.  Please visit http://www.iaee.org/en/Resources/careers/index.aspx for a listing of employment opportunities.


Employers are invited to use this database, at no cost, to advertise their graduate, senior graduate or seasoned professional positions to the membership seeking employment assistance.


We are also pleased to highlight the Energy Economics Education database available at http://www.iaee.org/en/students/eee.aspx Members from academia are kindly invited to list, at no cost, graduate, postgraduate and research programs as well as their university and research centers in this online database.  For students and interested individuals looking to enhance their knowledge within the field of energy and economics, this is a valuable database to reference.


We look forward to your participation in these initiatives.


Student Scholarship Support Needed

USAEE is proud to continue its student scholarship fund.  Funds are used to help support the Associations best paper award event and other scholarly programs.

2009's student scholarship fund has been generously provided by the support of the following organizations/individuals:

Southern Company

Robert Borgstrom
Carol Dahl
Joseph & Betty Dukert
Fred Joutz
Andre Plourde
Jurgis Vilemas
Namejs Zeltins

Recognizing the need for interested and qualified graduates, many funding organizations view the program as supporting education as well as recruitment.  The USAEE has started its campaign for scholarship funds for the 2010 USAEE/IAEE North American Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, October 14-16, 2010 and other scholarly projects.  Contributions have ranged from $100 to $5000.  If you would like to receive information on how your or your company can become a supporter of this program, please contact USAEE Headquarters at (p) 216-464-2785 or usaee@usaee.org

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