Two great associations…one great session!  All IAEE & AEA members are invited to attend the joint IAEE and AEA session to be held during the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA) annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.


“Climate Policy for a Post-Kyoto World”

2nd Joint IAEE/AEA Session

2:30pm, January 3, Hilton Atlanta, Room 201


PresidingCarlo Andrea Bollino, Dept of Economics, Finance & Stats., University of Perugia

John Weyant, Stanford University
Global Climate Policy Scenarios:  An Update

Robert N. Stavins, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard UniversityGetting Serious About Global Climate Change After Copenhagen:  A U.S. and International Update

Scott Barrett, School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University


Also, please visit the IAEE/USAEE Cocktail Party which will take place during the ASSA meetings.  We invite you to attend this event!

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Volume 24, Number 3 - 2016