The 37th IAEE International Conference

 New York City - June 15-18, 2014

"Energy and the Economy"


  Michael Canes, USAEE President and Omowumi Iledare, IAEE President preside over the 37th IAEE International Conference, which with 583 attendees from 44 countries was the best-attended conference in our organization's history!


Additional photos from the Conference can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/100973643@N06/sets/72157644912402210/ .


USAEE Awards Presented During the Conference


2014 Adelman-Frankel Award

This award is given to an individual or organization for a unique and innovative contribution to the field of energy economics.

Joel Darmstadter
Resources for the Future (Washington, DC)



2014 Senior Fellow Awards

The Senior Fellow Award is given to individuals who have exemplified distinguished service in the field of energy economics and/or the USAEE.

Kevin F. Forbes
Catholic University of America (Washington, DC)
Lori Smith Schell
Empowered Energy (Durango, CO)

Adonis Yatchew

University of Toronto (Canada)




Overview of the Conference


Derek Nixon
Doctoral Candidate,
University of California, Davis

USAEE National Student Representative


The 37th IAEE International Conference in New York City was an unambiguous success, drawing 583 attendees from 44 separate countries. Attendees spanned across diverse sectors, with 454 energy professionals and 129 students. As IAEE president Omowumi Iledare said in his opening remarks, IAEE is approaching 5000 global members, and we are well placed to address global access to energy, energy best practices, and resource and environmental stewardship. A hallmark of our organization is within- and across-sector interaction of business professionals, government representatives and academia that helps us to solve global issues. The theme of the conference, “Energy & the Economy,” was timely in that the U.S. is anticipated to overtake Russia and Saudi Arabia as the largest producers of natural gas and oil in the world in 2014. The conference explored the domestic and global implications of this shift, the extent to which the shale revolution will be replicated worldwide, and the benefits and costs such a global revolution would have.



Student Poster Competition


Winner, Monday Poster Session

Xiaohu ("Tiger") Luo

Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) &
Joint Program on the Science & Policy of Global Change, MIT (Cambridge, MA)


“How Might Interprovincial Migration Affect the Impact of China’s Energy Policies?”


Winner, Tuesday Poster Session

Laura-Lucia Richter

University of Cambridge (UK)


 “Social Effects in the Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in the UK”


Organizer of the Student Poster Competition
John Holding, Independent Practitioner,
IAEE/BIEE (East Sussex, UK)





2014 IAEE Best Student Paper Competition


Thomas Drennen, Prof., Economics and Environmental Studies (Chair), Hobart and William Smith College (Geneva, NY) with finalists of the 2014 IAEE Best Student Paper Competition: [from left] Sara Fogelberg (co-author with Ewa Lazarczyk Carlson, who was unable to attend due to illness); Dan Werner (winner); Jacquelyn Pless and Phillip M. Richter during the IAEE International Conference in New York City.






 3rd Annual USAEE Case Competition


Eric Hittinger, Asst. Prof., Public Policy, Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY), and organizer of the USAEE Case Competition, with Jeff Kessler and Firas Abu-Sneneh of the first place award winning team from the University of California, Davis, during the IAEE International Conference in New York City.







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